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Infused with soul, framed by passion.

A Creative journey through words and photography

Preserving the essence of life's delicately woven moments

About Me

Hi, I'm Gary

Photography has been my lifelong passion drawing inspiration from landscape, nature, architecture and the streets. I am passionate about both digital and film. My projects evolve from a growing body of work from which I create limited-edition books, magazines, and ultra-high-resolution prints to showcase my work.

"The depth of human experience, unspoken words, and the subtle nuances of life are intricately intertwined. For me, it is not just a matter of capturing these moments in time, it's iabout preserving the essence of that moment and evoking the emotions that were felt at that very instant."






I always strive to recreate the experience of image-making and editing in my work. This allows the viewer to immerse themselves in my photographic journey and feel the same emotional resonance that inspired me during the creation of the image.

My workflow is a labour of love that goes beyond the capture and editing phase. I take pride in handling every aspect of the process to ensure that my images represent my creative expression. As we continue to delve deeper into the digital world, I believe that a tactile approach has become increasingly important. That’s why I write about and print my work. 

To create a truly immersive experience, I use acrylic face-mounting to showcase my images. This technique not only preserves the integrity of the original photograph but also lends a unique depth and clarity to the image. It’s my way of achieving a representation of my photographs that closely mirrors how I see them through the viewfinder and during editing. This technique brings my vision to life, and allows viewers to behold my photographs with the same emotional resonance that inspired their creation. My images are available as “print only” as well, so please enquire if you don’t see the option in my gallery shop.

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